Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

Boku Heim tasting .. the next day!

Bernhard Gschweicher brought us the most difficult wine to taste. Blind tasted no one had any idea what this could be!

1. Weingut Gschweicher Uhudler from grape Isabella" 07 (you can´t buy this wine as it is illegal in this region)
pale red hue, extrem strawberry flavors, bit phenolic, strange but interesting!

In front of his house is this big old vine and last year was the first time they made wine from it. Just for fun of course.

We retasted the wines from yesterday and some new stuff as we visited our fellow students Rudi Wagentristl and Flo Alphart.

2. GB Gebirg 07
more open than yesterday, complex flavors, walnut, minerality, decent!

3. Rosenberg Reserve 06 
vanilla and honey flavors, gingerbread spices, more oak detectable than yesterday, but great acid structure, and good length. decent with potential.

4. Weingut Wagentristl Blaufränkisch "Föllikberg" 06
spicy, red fruit, structured palate, bit high in alc., some dry tannins, ok to good!

5. Weingut Unger Merlot 2007
blackberries, coffee notes, structured but smooth tannins, more length than 4., decent with potential.

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