Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009


It´s always a bit strange if you find yourself on the news ... but funny as well, as people approach you on the street and say "whoo ... I´ve heard about you on the radio!!"

Freitag, 25. Dezember 2009

Frohe Weihnachten/Boun Natale/Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010 with loads of new exiting wines.

Cheers Franz

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

Falstaff Winners tasting notes

I got the opportunity to taste the three Falstaff winners yesterday and with two Blaufränkisch among them one has to note that there is a shift in the trend with high end Austrian red wines. Wine critics and journalists are pushing the common (wine) interest strongly in the Blaufränkisch direction. Arguments like „Austrias red wine profile can only be sharpened with single vartietal wines“ is in someway ridiculous if one thinks just about Bordeaux ... blends all over (with some exceptions). But as the wine media is highly influential on the wine industry in every country there will be more single varietal top wines coming up pretty soon. If that´s all for the better future will show.

Find my tasting notes of the three winner wines and some others below: (all prices count for Wein&Co.)

1.Chablis 2007 from Simonnet-Febvre - ok - €15,99

pale yellow hue, distinctive phenolic compounds covering the fruit completely on the nose, lacks acid backbone, a rather dull and unentertaining wine.

2. Blaufränkisch Reihburg 2007 from Weingut Uwe Schiefer - delicious - €46,45

middle red hue, purple reflections, dark berry fruit, bit underwood, tar-like earthyness, licorice, very good acid and tannin structure, sour cherries, lingering.

3. Blaufränkisch Perwolff 2007 from Weingut Krutzler 2007 - very good/delicious - €52,50

middle red hue with a purple rim, still quite young color, fruitfoward berry flavors on the nose, good structure, quite pronounced acid structure, lingering.

4. Reve de Jeunesse 2007 from Weingut Pöckl - extraordinary - €64,13

deep dark red hue, black core, hints of anisseed, Cassis and chocolate flavors on the nose, smooth but very powerful tannin structure, multilayered, reveals more and more after several hours in the decanter, mocha, dried plums, licorice, extremely lingering. Will greatly improve with further cellaring.

5. Blaufränkisch Spiegel 2007 from Weingut Paul Achs - delicious - €51,08

dark red hue, purple reflections, watery rim, powerfull dark fruit and spices on the nose, chocolate and mocha, smooth tannin structure but with the typical BF acid backbone, lingering, after the same time in the decanter like all other wines flavors fading away - maybe to little free SO2!

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Pinot Noirs all over the world

Last months tasting club theme was Pinot Noir all over the world. As one can suppose all wines were really gorgeous, well structured and first of all purely elegant.

1. Vosne Rommanée 1er Cru 2004 from Domaine René Engel - delicious - €50
bright brick red with orange reflexions, slightly watery edge, elegant berry fruit, smokey peppery spice, bit licorice on the nose, very spicy on the palate with gorgeous length, very good balance of tannins and acid, gets better and better with more O2, lingering and multilayered.

2. Pinot Noir 2004 from Quartz Reef - very good - €37
bit darker brick red as 1, hints of cassis, fruit forward style, spices on the nose, fresh fruity and good acid structure on the palate, bit strawberry, good length, forrest fruits, raspberry, with more O2 the wine lingers more and more on the palate, nice complexity of tannin and acid structure.

3. Pinot Noir "P" from Weinhof Fritsch 2002 - very good - €24
smooth flavors, spices but not overly prominent, very good balance and length, fruit forward palate, very smooth on the palate.

4. Pinot Noir Hirsch Vineyard Sonoma 2002 from Littorai - (very good) - €78
bright red, orange-brownish reflexions, small watery rim, bit short, maybe a cork taint ... cork taint verified by the other tasters.

5. Großkarlbacher Burgweg Spätburgunder 2001 from Weingut Knipser - very good/delicious - €25
very light red with orange-brown shades, very spicy and super typical Pinot perfume, extremely good structural balance of tannins and acid, forest fruits, bit underwood, very good length and loads of spices on the palate.

6. Pinot Noir Grand Select 2004 from Weingut Wieninger - delicious/extraordinary - €37
fair crimson color with changeable purple-orange reflexions, super fruity, black and raspberries, loads of spices, wet forest floor, black pepper and licorice, just traceable hints of aniseed, extremely well balanced, genius length. (my favorite!!)

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

MondoVino 2009

This years MondoVino, hosted by Wein&Co in the gorgeous ambience of the Hofburg, was again a melting pot for wines from all over the world. As one could taste up to 2000 different wines, bubblies and some harder stuff a careful upfront decision was necessary. My choice was Italy and France as I get the chance to taste Austrian wines more regularly. Find enclosed my tasting notes.

Note: All wines were tasted open and all price information counts for Wein&Co.


Winery Salentein/Mendoza
1. Callia Magna Tannat 2007 - good - €9,99
dark, bold and structured, spent six month in partly new and used barriques.
2. Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2005 - good - €12,99
very fruitforward appealing style, smooth tannin, good balanced.
3. Malbec Reverve 2006 - good - €12,99
fruitforward and spicy, bit meaty and some green flavors on midpalate.


Chateau Angelus
4. Fleur de Boüard 2007 - very good - €27,90
80%ME, rest CS/CF, fruity, very structured, still young, with prominent tannins, lingering.
5. Angelus 2007 - delicious - €169,90
62%ME, 38%CF, fruitforward, with super soft tannin structure, loads of spices on the palate, lingering.

Chateau Palmer
6. Alter Ego 2007 - good/very good - €39,90
fruity, bit green, but very good structure and balance, lingering.
7. Palmer 2007 - very good - €169,90
restrained fruit with green hints, super soft tannin structure, lingering.

Chateau Branne Cantenac
8. Baron de Branne 2007 - good - €19,99
fruitforward, sour cherries, but a bit one dimensional.
9. Branne Cantenac 2007 - good/very good - €39,99
fruitforward style, forest fruits, complex, very balanced with RS.

Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere
10. Clos de l´Oratoire 2007 - very good - €29,99
fruity, spicy, bit meaty, super soft tannin structure, lingering.
11. Canon La Gaffeliere 2007 - good - €64,90
traces of Brett, spicy and soft tannins, bit alcoholic finish.

Chateau Giscours
12. Sirène de Giscours 2007 - very good - €19,99
fruitforward, very good tannin structure, CS driven on the palate, lingering.
13. Giscours 2007 - very good/delicious - €44,90
CS driven fruit, oak and spices, still very young, very structured, lingering, will massively improve with further aging.

Chateau Pichon Longueville
14. Les Tourelles de Pichon Longueville 2007 - still ok - €34,90
strong traces of Brett, restrained, lean body.
15. Pichon Baron 2007 - very good/delicious - €89,90
pure mocha flavors, very distinctive on the palate, very structured, super lingering.

Chateau Phélan Segur
16. Frank Phélan 2006 - corc - €19,99
Actually I claimed this bottle as corc tainted but was refused to get another sip from a second bottle. Very rude!!
17. Phélan Segur 2007 - very good - €31,90
coffee and mocha flavors dominating on the nose, cigar-box, some green hints, smooth tannins, good length.


La Valentina
18. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2007 - ok - €9,99
quite reductive, but it blows of after a while, fruity, very soft tannin structure, bit alcoholic.
19. Montepuciano d'Abruzzo Spelt 2007 - ok - €18,99
overripe fruit, hints of Brett, very balanced with RS.

Conte Brandolini
20. Pinot Grigio 2008 - good - €9,99
bit rustic and some phenolic traces on the palate, lemon fruit, fresh finish.
21. Friulano 2008 - ok - €9,99
rather neutral on the nose, lean and short on the palate.
22. Merlot Vistorta - ok - €21,90
spicy and a bit vegetal, jammy (strangely enough as vegetal is more underripe and jammy overripe fruit??) acetone detectable, hints of Brett, overoaked.

23. Pinot Grigio 2008 - good - €12,99
restrained fruit, bit rustic and phenolic, good fruit on the palate, good length.
24. Ribolla Gialla 2008 - good - €12,99
fresh and fruity (like our Sämling), good length but lack acid structure.

25. Dolcetto 2008 - good - €12,99
super fruity, pure red currant, easy drinking.
26. Barbera 2008 - very good - €13,99
fruity, spicy, sour cherries on the palate, good acid-tannin balance.
27. Barolo 2005 - very good - €36,90
tar, quite typical on the nose, very good tannin structure, lingering.
28. Barolo Conca 2005 - very good/delicious - €59,90
tar and roses, very good balanced, quite modern style, super lingering.

29. Rosé 2008 - good - €9,99
100% SY, strawberries on the nose, slightly phenolic, good balanced with RS.
30. Chardonnay 2008 - good - €27,99
100% new oak, biscuit and vanilla, bold wine, very smooth.
31. La Segreta Rosso 2008 - good - €9,99
unwooded, Nero d´Avola, CF, ME, SY, fruit forward style, spicy, smooth tannin structure, good.
32. Syrah 2006 - very good - €27,99
pure black berries, super spicy, eucalyptus flavors, very good length, just a slightly alcoholic finish prevents a higher rating.
33. Santa Cecilia - very good - €27,99
spices with dried fruits on the nose, very good balance between acid and tannins.

Alois Lageder
34. Pinot Grigio Riff 2008 - ok/good - €9,99
perfumed nose, spicy, rustic, rather phenolic on the palate.
35. Pinot Bianco - ok/good - €12,99
fruity, pears on the nose, like 34. quite phenolic on the palate.
36. Chardonnay-Pinot Grigio - ok - €19,99
certified biodynamic, rustic, phenolic palate, quite an unpleasant wine.
37. Lagrein Alto Adige - ok - €16,99
slightly reductive, bright purple color, sour cherries, bit lactic.

Barone Ricasoli
38. Chianti 2007 - ok/good - €9,99
rather simple, balanced with RS, bit inharmonic with acid structure.
39. Chianti Classico Riserva "Rocca Guicciardia" 2006 - good - €19,99
restrained nose, good acid-tannin structure, good length.
40. Campo Ceni 2007 - good - €12,99
6 month in oak, fruity, good tannin structure, good length.
41. Brolio Chianti Classico 2007 - very good - €16,99
fruity and complex on the nose, good tannin structure, 9 months in second filled barrels, lingering.
42. Castello di Brolio 2005 - very good - €34,90
very spicy on the nose, good balance between acid and tannin structure, good length, still young.

Tenuta di Biserno
43. Insoglio 2007 - good/very good - €19,99
fresh´n fruity on the nose, sour cherries, very smooth tannin structure, good length.
44. Il Pino di Biserno - very good - €44,99
CS fruit dominating, hints of green flavors, soft tannins, slightly bitter finish.
45. Biserno 2006 - delicious - €99
CF/ME, 15 month oak, puristic Cabernet Franc flavors on the nose, bit restrained, still very young, super dense on the palate, very good tannin structure, extremely lingering, smooth.

Casa Brancaia
46. Tre 2007 - good - €13,99
fresh and fruity on the nose, quite a good acid structure, good length.
47. Chianti Classico DOCG 2006 - good/very good - €24,99
16 months oak, 50 % new, a typical Chianti, rather smooth tannins, good length.
48. Ilatraia 2006 - very good - €44,99
bold, structured wine, soft tannins, good length.
49. Il Blu 2006 - very good - €47,99
20 months oak, 2/3 new, very structured but good balanced, lingering.

50. Marchese Chianti Classico Riserva 2005 - yech - €24,99
overripe, Brett, Brett yeast have totally distorted this wine, inharmonic.
51. Brunello Pian delle Vigne 2004 - yech - €49,90
super Brett and RS, nothing else.
52. Tignanello 2006 - very good/delicious - €59,90
bit restrained, (but the bottle was just opened this moment), super tannin structure, very good length, bit plasticine.

53. Brunello 2004 - very good - €32,90
fruity, good acid structure, super tannins, very typical.

Sori del Gibbellino
54. Barolo 2004 - good/very good - €23,90
bit restrained fruit, tar and roses, quite typicla, super soft Barolo.

55. Valpolicella Classico 2008 - good/very good - €9,99
super fruity, green edge on the palate, easy drinking.
56. Ripasso Valpolicella 2007 - very good - €19,99
fruity, super soft tannin structure with good acid backbone, good length.
57. Amarone die Valpolicella - good/very good - €49,90
fruity, bit overripe, but typical, slightly alcoholic finish.

58. Valpolicella Classico 2008 - good/very good - €12,99
fruity, smooth tannin structure, good length, slightest hints of Brett.
59. Palazzo de la Torre 2006 - ok/good - €19,99
jammy, bit overripe flavors, dried grapes, 15 months oak, again this hints Brett.
60. Amarone DOC 2005 - ok - €57,90
eucalyptus, overripe flavors, super soft tannins, RS, alcoholic finish (15%abv!!)
61. Soave 2008 - ok - €9,99
ripe yellow apples, bit exotic, rather high in color, lacks some acid structure, bit phenolic on the palate.
62. Valpolicella Pagus from Corte Giara 2008 - good/very good - €6,99
sour cherries and spices, smooth tannin structure, good length, easy drinking.