Freitag, 14. August 2009

Cabernet Sauvignon Österreich

To stick with the tasted wines from our holiday, here some tasting notes from Austrian Cab´s.

1. CS 2006 from winery Bauer-Pöltl - good/very good
fruity with hints of cassis, still purple, soft tannin structure, but a bit high in alcohol, lingering.

2. CS 2003 from winery Kollwentz - very good
matured hue with orange rim, still fruity, red berries, soft tannin (due to hot year), but very good balanced.

3. CS 2006 from winery Netzl - very good/delicious
at the beginning bit restrained on the nose but opens up beautifully with more O2, nearly opaque core, very typical, cassis falvors, bit minty, eucalyptus, very good tannin stucture, lingering.

4. CS 2005 from winery Prieler - good
like dusty, red berries, some harsh green tannins due to bad year 05, slightly bitter on the finish, lingering.

5. CS 2000 from winery Kollwentz - good
meaty and very ripe, slight acetone flavors, bit turbid, good extract, lingering but on the edge of oxidation, becomes more aldehydic with O2.

6. CS 2006 from winery Sorger/Trausdorf - very good
quite fruit forward style, bit smokey, good acid and tannin structure, lingering.