Freitag, 29. Mai 2009

Hans Reinisch dies in tractor accident

© (29.5.2009)

Hans Reinisch (Johanneshof) tödlich verunglückt

Der bekannte Winzer Hans Reinisch (57) vom Johanneshof in Tattendorf ist gestern, Donnerstag, den 28. Mai 2009, um ca. 15.45 Uhr bei der Traktorarbeit in der Gumpoldskirchner Ried Satzing tödlich verunglückt. Sein Traktor mit Anhänger hat sich im steilen Weingarten zur Seite überschlagen, der Winzer wurde im Führerhaus rettungslos eingeklemmt, die rasch eingetroffenen Einsatzkräfte konnten ihn nicht mehr lebend bergen.

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Champagne ... at Perlage

If you drink bubblies, you need to drink the really good stuff. One of the best sources in Vienna is "Perlage - Champagner & Co."

tasting team: Rüdiger, Ulli, Elmar and I.

Note: All wines tasted blind.

1. Lilbert, Brut - very good
white bread, fruity, brioche, very balanced on the palate, nice small bubbles, good length.

2. Petitjean-Pienne, Coer d. Chardonnay - very good
matured, slightly coarser bubbles, a touch of acetone, rather morbid on the palate, good length, RS detectable in the finish.

3. Petitjean-Pienne, Prestige - good/very good
CO2 prominent on the nose, nearly no bubbles, butter pastry, fresh palate, good acid structure, bit short, rather simple.

4. Lilbert, Perle - good
nearly flat, pear and quinces, restrained, fruity on the palate.

5. Guy Cadel 2002 - very good
classical nose, bread flavors, bold and round on the palate, good acid structure, very good length.

6. Pierre Peters L´Esprit de 2002 - very good
fresh toast, brioche, fruity, fresh palate, classical, very good length.

7. Pierre Paillard Brut - very good
fresh bread, fruity, gooseberry, very good integrated acid structure, very balanced.

8. Fourrier 2003 - ok
golden yellow color, matured, open, good acid structure, rather short, nearly dead!

9. Pierre Paillard 2002 - delicious
fresh white bread, very typical, very good length, stunningly multilayered!

Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Results of Master thesis "Die burgenländische Weinprämierung"

Dear reader,

please find below the abstract of my Master thesis titled 
"Self Image and Public Image analysis of the annual regional tasting in Burgenland - a survey on the basis of qualitative expert interviews".
If you are interested in the detailed results of the Master thesis, just let me know. 

The annual regional wine tasting in Burgenland is an blind, expert tasting and accessible to all wineries in the Burgenland region. A modern objective annual tasting in the region of Burgenland according to the needs and requirements of all stakeholders enables the chamber of agriculture in Burgenland to work with focused Public Relations in a more and more competitive national and international wine market. The aim of this Master thesis is to compare the self-image of the annual wine tasting with the various public images. 

The focus of the qualitative research is to answer the question, in what way the self- image by the employees of the chamber of agriculture and the public images by experts in the fields of Gastronomy, Media, Viticulture and Wine Marketing show differences. 

As the results show, there are some severe differences in the self-image and the public image of the annual wine tasting in Burgenland. Especially in the configuration of the tasting procedure, the execution of Public Relations, the image perception and the significance of this wine tasting. This analysis could be the base for adaptions in the Marketing strategy and Public Relations concept by the chamber of agriculture in Burgenland.

Boku Heim midweek tasting

This weeks midweek tasting showed a pretty nice line up of different wines and regions. From Pfalz in Germany, to Austria´s Kremstal, Kamptal, Weinviertel, Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Neusiedlersee and last but not least Mittelburgenland. The styles of the wines varied accordingly and overall the quality was quite impressive.

The usual tasting team suspects were joined by our class mate, friend and proficient taster Rüdiger.

Note: All wines were tasted open.

1. Grauburgunder 2008 from Weingut Müller-Kern - Pfalz - good - €6,20

rather neutral on the nose, but typical on the palate, refreshing, easy drinking stuff.

2. Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Weingut Müller-Kern - ok 

green elder leafs, quite high in SO2, bit RS, unripe green flavors, gets more unpleasant with air.

3. Sauvignon Blanc 08 from Weingut Bärenhof - Pfalz - good

ripe falvors, greengage plum and elder, bit botrytis rot, good acid structure, a bit short on the finish.

4. Riesling Spätlese „Dürkheimer Rittergarten“ 2008 from Weingut Bärenhof - ok/good

hints of honey, rather one dimensional nose, acid structure ok, improves with O2, quite easy on midpalate. 

5. Kremstal DAC 2007 from Weingut Stadt Krems - good/very good

honey and very ripe flavors, hints of petrol, minerally, rather evolved, acid structure ok, 

6. Riesling Spätlese „Hammbacher Schlossberg“ 2007 from Weingut Müller-Kern - yech

sulfur reduction pure, good acid structure but sulfur reduction flavors on the palate too.

7. Riesling Auslese 2007 trocken from Weingut Bärenhof - very good

stone fruit, peaches and apricot, very typical, dark berries, underlined with slate flavors, very good acid structure, multilayered, very good length.

8. Riesling 2006 „Die Leidenschaft“ from Weingut Martin Arndorfer - very good/delicious

apricot and peaches, typical Austrian Riesling, tobacco, minerally, multilayered nose, slate, oak perfectly integrated, creamy texture, very lingering.

9. Pinot Blanc „Ungsteiner Osterberg“ Spätlese 2007 from Weingut Bärenhof - yech

sulfur reduction, sauerkraut, same flavors on the palate,

10. Grüner Veltliner „Hundsberg“ 2007 from Weingut Pröll - very good

fruity, hints of honey and butterscotch, pepper, spices, creamy texture, tobacco, balanced acid structure, quite lingering.

11. Weinviertel DAC „Kellerberg“ 2007 from Weingut Gschweicher - very good 

withe pepper, still young, soft texture but spicy, quite lingering.

12. Syrah 2004 from Weingut Kirnbauer - ok/good

spicy, sticht etw in der Nase, quite ripe, broad flavors, oak dominated, rather evolved, bit acetone, 

13. Ursus Magnus 2005 from Weingut Bärenhof - very good

super dark color, light pipe tobacco, peppermint, eucalyptus, dried mushrooms, bell pepper, oak very well integrated, very good tannin and acid structure, lingering.

14. Heulichin 2006 from Weingut Wagentristl - very good

fruity, tobacco, minty, eucalyptus, soft tannin structure, distinctive, good length, oak power, still young, lingering, will massively improve with more time in bottle. 

15. Blaufränkisch Lüss 2007 from Weingut Lentsch - very good

dark color, spicy, ripe cherry, ripe plums, horse radish, good acid and tannin structure, juicy, 

16. Zweigelt „Excellence“  2003 from Weingut Veit - very good/delicious

cassis and cinnamon, black berries, juicy tannin, super lingering, ripe and very balanced, good extract, powered.

17. Vitikult 2006 from Weingut Kirnbauer - corc

extreme corc taint ... for training!!!

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Swiss-Austrian wine tasting notes

Some more images of the nice medieval town center of Murten and my tasting notes. Actually I was pretty surprised of the high quality level of the Swiss wines. Especially the Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer were really good. Ripe flavors with low alcohol levels and very good acid structure.

castle wall:

view from the tower: (town center, lake Murten and appellation Vully (speak: Vüi) on the other side of the lake)

Note: wines were tasted open and tasting notes just include the very best among the all in all very good wines.

Cru de l´Hopital, Christian Vessaz - Motier

1. Pinot Gris 2008 - very good
very spicy and bold, good acid structure but with creamy texture, very good length.

2. Traminer 2008 - very good
pure Lychee and Roses on the nose, very good structure, good length.

Weinkellerei S. & L. Hasler - Twann

3. Sauvignon Blanc 2008 - very good/delicious
pure Lychee, Grapefruit, explosive aromas on the nose, low alcohol level!, very good acid structure, terrific wine.

4. Runnino Chardonnay 2007 - very good
pears and nice oak spices, wood very good integrated, still young, balanced and multilayered, good length, will improve with more aging. 

Herni Cruchon - Morges (biodynamic since 8 years)

5. Viognier 2008 - very good/delicious
pears and tangerine, reduced quinces, very balanced, tobacco on the palate, multilayered, very good length and acid structure.

6. Cuvee Gourmande - very good
ripe yellow apples, bold, quinces, very good length.

Tenimento dell´Ör - Arzo

7. Granito 2007 - very good
pure mineralty, nice cool flavored, oak very well integrated, good acid structure, very good length.

8. Merlot Riserva DOC La Prella 2006 - very good (grown on gravel)
spicy and minerally, soft but structured tannin, very good length.

9. Merlot Riserva DOC Tenimento dell´Ör 2006 - very good (grown on loam)
berry mix, soft tannins, very good length, very balanced on mid palate.

Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

Murten - winemakers dinner

Yesterday´s winemakers dinner was quite impressive. 5 courses including salmon, beef, cheese course and biscuit with fresh strawberries were enjoyed by all of the participants. Most astonishing thing ... 32 wines from all attending winemaker could be match freely to all the courses which means everybody had the chance to find the perfect match for him and the food.

Here some pics! Enjoy (and be jealous!!)

Salmon with wild garlic:

local beef:

most favorite course .. raw milk cheeses!

Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

Swiss-Austrian wine tasting

Day 1 at the Swiss-Austrian wine fair in Murten/ Switzerland.

A bunch of Austrian winemaker including Günter Triebaumer, Helmut Preisinger, Phillip Zull, Elisabeth Lentsch and some others are going to host a 2-day tasting (including a winemakers dinner) in the new stylish hotel „BB Wine house“ embedded between the old town centre and the lake shore. We are looking forward to meet some 10 Swiss winemakers and our guests to join us for this tasting at 4 pm.

Check back soon for todays tasting notes!!

In the mean time find some impressions from the medieval town Murten.

"our" hotel

lake shore vines

old town impression 1

old town impression 2