Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Results of Master thesis "Die burgenländische Weinprämierung"

Dear reader,

please find below the abstract of my Master thesis titled 
"Self Image and Public Image analysis of the annual regional tasting in Burgenland - a survey on the basis of qualitative expert interviews".
If you are interested in the detailed results of the Master thesis, just let me know. 

The annual regional wine tasting in Burgenland is an blind, expert tasting and accessible to all wineries in the Burgenland region. A modern objective annual tasting in the region of Burgenland according to the needs and requirements of all stakeholders enables the chamber of agriculture in Burgenland to work with focused Public Relations in a more and more competitive national and international wine market. The aim of this Master thesis is to compare the self-image of the annual wine tasting with the various public images. 

The focus of the qualitative research is to answer the question, in what way the self- image by the employees of the chamber of agriculture and the public images by experts in the fields of Gastronomy, Media, Viticulture and Wine Marketing show differences. 

As the results show, there are some severe differences in the self-image and the public image of the annual wine tasting in Burgenland. Especially in the configuration of the tasting procedure, the execution of Public Relations, the image perception and the significance of this wine tasting. This analysis could be the base for adaptions in the Marketing strategy and Public Relations concept by the chamber of agriculture in Burgenland.

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