Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Champagne ... at Perlage

If you drink bubblies, you need to drink the really good stuff. One of the best sources in Vienna is "Perlage - Champagner & Co."

tasting team: Rüdiger, Ulli, Elmar and I.

Note: All wines tasted blind.

1. Lilbert, Brut - very good
white bread, fruity, brioche, very balanced on the palate, nice small bubbles, good length.

2. Petitjean-Pienne, Coer d. Chardonnay - very good
matured, slightly coarser bubbles, a touch of acetone, rather morbid on the palate, good length, RS detectable in the finish.

3. Petitjean-Pienne, Prestige - good/very good
CO2 prominent on the nose, nearly no bubbles, butter pastry, fresh palate, good acid structure, bit short, rather simple.

4. Lilbert, Perle - good
nearly flat, pear and quinces, restrained, fruity on the palate.

5. Guy Cadel 2002 - very good
classical nose, bread flavors, bold and round on the palate, good acid structure, very good length.

6. Pierre Peters L´Esprit de 2002 - very good
fresh toast, brioche, fruity, fresh palate, classical, very good length.

7. Pierre Paillard Brut - very good
fresh bread, fruity, gooseberry, very good integrated acid structure, very balanced.

8. Fourrier 2003 - ok
golden yellow color, matured, open, good acid structure, rather short, nearly dead!

9. Pierre Paillard 2002 - delicious
fresh white bread, very typical, very good length, stunningly multilayered!

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