Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

Christmas tasting

Weinrunde 14.12.2012

The Christmas tasting of our tasting club was quite interesting. Grenache was the theme and nobody had the right answer. Personally I think it's much more difficult to taste a certain variety than a specifc region our style.
All wines were tasted blind and were accompanied by the delicious food you see on the pics.

1. Domaine de la Mordorée Tavel 2011 - good
Rosé, Tavel, very full-bodied, good companion to food, rather structured, good length, pairs very well with the starter

2. Domaine Roche Audran Cotes du Rhone 2010 -  good/very good
Fruity, cinnamon, Christmas spices, cherry fruit, oak on the palate, lingering, hints of bitterness, straight tannins, bit made style, with food and air more harsher.

3. Coloma Garnacha 2009 - good
Plums upfront, hints of oak, spices, cassis, on the border to over ripeness, super fruity on the palate, juicy black berries, bit bitter in the end, nice but easy drinking, tutti fruity uncomplicated,

4. Palacios Remondo Rioja la Montessa 2009 - very good
Very fruity, more structure than three, lingering, hints of cassis and black berries, quite young but promising, spicy and black better, bit alcoholic,

5. Juan d´Anguera Finca l´Argata 2010 - ok
Fruit-forward and easy drinking style, plums, bit overripe, sour cherries, super strong, to much alcohol, unbalanced, chocolate plums,

6. Alvaro Palacios Camins Priorat 2011 - good
Young, maybe a bit too young, hints of MLF, black berries, quite strong, forest fruit with more air, quite high alcohol, lush, strong, sweet tannins,

7. Domaine de la Mordorée Lirac Rouge 2010 - ok
Oak, tannin on the nose, dense, black pepper, not really fruity, super structured, lingering, to bold, kind of too much of everything, (as I know the wine rather good I think this was not a perfect bottle, but we weren't able to pick up a fault)

8. Chapoutier Chateauneuf du Pape La Bernadine 2010 -  very good / delicous
Red berries, raspberries, fruity, needs time, but promising, tightly structured but smooth tannins, oak and hints of chocolate, lingering, very nicely structured, elegant, very good, fine grained tannins, extract sweetness,

9. Penfold Bin 138 2007 - good / very good
Juicy tannin  upfront with cassis on the nose, kind of sweet but with tannins grip, chocolate, not as tightly meshed as 8., bitter on mid palate, simply made,

10. Niepoort LBV 2007 - good / very good
Dried fruit, forest fruit, nice and fruit forward style, lingering, good food partner