Freitag, 30. Mai 2008

Samstag, 24. Mai 2008


This week we had a lot of work in the cellar. I took samples of all the "small" lots of SB and other varieties, blended them in little bottles and than the tasting started. A little bit more of this, a little more fruit, a little more "weight", ... Nearly 2 days of trials before we made our final decision in a blind tasting.
Thursday Regi and I blended over 110.000 l SB (KC, Klein Constantia, Perdeblok), Muscat de Frontignan and Madame Marlbrook in tanks and barrels.

Next week finings, if needed and the preparation for bottling for the KC Range.

Samstag, 17. Mai 2008

Wine of the Month April

Time is flying and I am a bit late for the wine of the month April. But I have tasted a really great Sauvignon Blanc from the Walker Bay area. 
Find more details to this wine at: Wine of the month

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008

Wine Affair and Potjie Contest

Last week was a big wine fair at the V & A Waterfront. Allan, Wayne and I had to pour wine on Friday evening. 
The wine fair is a bit different as our tastings at home. Here are also Restaurants on the show and one can taste small pieces of Thai curry, Sushi, Parma Ham and Parmigiano, even fresh oysters from Knysna but they were sold for R7 per piece. I thought this is really cheap but as I told Zanelle and her friend Amelie they were rather shocked how expensive it was.

The wines were good but I found also some Brett and even worse cork. Why do some people pour wine, represent an Estate and can not taste a cork taint??? Not a really good choice to build your brand image. One girl told me right away that she does not know wine at all but she is studying marketing and wants to work in the wine industry. Maybe it is a good idea to know about the thing one wants to sell, or???

After the tasting I joined the other winemakers of the Constantia wine route at the annual Potjiekos (for the Austrians: it is said - Peukikos) competition. This year at Klein Constantia Estate.
Lots of different Potjies (Oxtail, Indian style, 4 with seafood, ...) were bubbling in the night and a chef had to decide who´s the best Potjie.

And the winner is:
1. Steenberg Vineyards
2. Cape Point Vineyards
3. Eagles Nest Farm

Anyway, all were good and if you are hungry ...

Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

Tasting Club

This Monday I had the opportunity to join Adam at his monthly tasting club meeting. 
Theme for this evening was Sauvignon/Semillion and blends between them all over the world. It works like this:
One member is in charge to supply all wines for the tasting and the costs are shared between all.

The tasting is always blind and everybody is supposed to bring his own glasses to keep the running "maintenance" low.

My tasting notes will follow, because I have got no time now to write them. I have to go to the Waterfront tonight to help Allan and Wyane (KC staff) at a wine fair in town. Should be very interesting to see how the tastings work out here and of course there will be some wines to taste for me too.

Oh, I forgot: the members of the tasting club

3 winemakers from different regions, 2 winetrades/buyers, 2 Topsommeliers (Miguel Chan and Mia Martensson)

Yes, I know Fredrik. You are very jealous now ;)

Samstag, 3. Mai 2008

Coffee and Baguette ...

I love South Africa. 16 public holidays in 1 year ... amazing ... and 2 of them were in this week. Freedom day, to celebrate the first free elections back in 1994 after the apartheit and of course 1st of May, workers day! This means just 2 days in the cellar for us. 
I spent this morning in Kalk Bay, a small village near Muizenberg and I made the most pleasant discovery what is possible on a Saturday morning. I found a French bakery in the back of an Art gallery and the lovely smell of fresh bread and coffee was overwhelming. Illy Capuccino and fresh baked baguette with homemade basil pesto, feta and tomatoes. Delicious!!!!

Afterwards I joined a tasting in Lisa´s Little Wine Shop, which is situated in the Artvark Gallery. But check out her Blog:
The last pic in this post is on my way home on Boyes drive, direction False Bay. Enjoy more Illy coffee ... good coffee is really hard to find here in South Africa and that is a big minus for the country. As we see likes and don´t likes are quite close ...

Jo´s bakery:

The most delicious breakfast:

The thing with the cat is true:

Artvark Gallery: (and the guitar works!!)

False Bay:

Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Farewell Party

This Tuesday we had the Farewell Party for Fredrik and Tove. We visited our neighbours at Buitenverwachting where Edgar Osojnik, a guy from Carinthia, is the chef. He delighted us with a 5 course dinner. But just have a look at the pics and you will understand that the next day was a rather hard one to work, especially when one have to bottle whole day.

The food:

I forgot to take a pic from the vannila icecream, but I think everybody knows how it looks like!

The people:

Ah, yes we had some wines too :-) (try to count the glasses on the table!!)