Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

Tasting Club

This Monday I had the opportunity to join Adam at his monthly tasting club meeting. 
Theme for this evening was Sauvignon/Semillion and blends between them all over the world. It works like this:
One member is in charge to supply all wines for the tasting and the costs are shared between all.

The tasting is always blind and everybody is supposed to bring his own glasses to keep the running "maintenance" low.

My tasting notes will follow, because I have got no time now to write them. I have to go to the Waterfront tonight to help Allan and Wyane (KC staff) at a wine fair in town. Should be very interesting to see how the tastings work out here and of course there will be some wines to taste for me too.

Oh, I forgot: the members of the tasting club

3 winemakers from different regions, 2 winetrades/buyers, 2 Topsommeliers (Miguel Chan and Mia Martensson)

Yes, I know Fredrik. You are very jealous now ;)

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