Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Wines from South Africa

Tasting notes from an internal Wein&Co tasting. As always the notes are reflecting my subjective view on the wines at this certain time. They might change immensely over time.

1. Jordan CH 2012 - ok/g
Bright yellow hue, fruit forward, quinces, bit restrained, reminds me of German RR, quite sharp tingling acid structure, maybe added acid, bit short, hints of maturation,

2. Jordan SB 2012 - g
bright yellow with green hints, gooseberries, typical nose, good balance, lingering acid structure, good refreshing wine,

3. Lammershoek LAM Chenin Viognier 2012 - g
Dried fruit, biscuits, hints of toasted bread and raisins, quite smooth, lacks a bit acid backbone, but nice balance, definitely different in style, nicely weird.

4. Steenberg HSM spynx CH 2012 - g
Upfront oakiness, smoke, new world style, nice balance in oak and acid structure, quite lingering, bit too young, good new world CH, good drinkability,

5. LAM SY Rose 2012 - ok
Nice pink hue, overripe strawberries, bit stinky, weird, hints of MLF flavors, tannins prominent, pleasant bitterness with good acid backbone, maybe good as spritzer

6. Boekenhoutskloof SY Porcupine Ridge 2012 - ok
Very young, hints of MLF, nice cherry fruit, bit bitter tannins, refreshing, simple,

7. LAM SY 2011 - ok/g
Nice black olives paste upfront, hints of typical SA minty ness, same weird LAmmershoek style, bit bitter tannins, strange,

8. Steenberg HSM Echo Red Blend 2010 - g
Very nice fruit forward, black cherries, olives, smooth tannins, lingering, good balance but maybe a bit high in alc, could do with more time,

9. Jordan CS 2009 - ok
Very simple fruit on the nose, bit burnt rubber, not very expressive, smooth tannins but unbalanced high alc, slightest hints of oak in the aftertaste,

10. Jordan ME 2009 - ok
Same style as 9, bit more fruit forward, very soft, lacking structure and unpleasant high alc in the finish

11. Sterhuis Blanc de Blanc 2009 - ok
No bubbles visible, oxidative style, very ripe, toasted bread, yellow apples, not my style, nice mousseux on the palate but bit coarsley intense, seems to be quite high in dosage
CH 100%

12. Stellenrust Sparkling 2008 - g
Nice but bit coarse bubbles, nice dried fruits, very good value for money, ways better than 11, good acid backbone, nice biscuits, lingering,

13. Jordan Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2011 - ok
Golden yellow hue, oak upfront, new world style, bit rustic, mellow high alc, burns a bit, to much oak, simply made, very round,
14. De Wetshof CH The Site 2012 - vg
White yellow hue, nice fruit forward style, quinces, softly structured but very good lingering backbone, mineral touch, good value for money, much more elegant in style,

15. Barry Lodge Hill RR 2011 - g
Mineral quite German style, bit matured, nice acid backbone, lingering, complex and tingling acidity, good,

16. Jordan RR 2012 - ok
Peach candy, hints of sweetness, upfront fruit flavors, very sweet on the palate, consumer friendly, simple, rather high amount of residual sugar

17. Saronsberg Viognier 2012 - ok
Bit restrained, needs more air, bit oaky, mineral touch, lingering acid backbone, a bit to made, like added acid, seems to open up with more air,

18. Eagles Nest Viognier 2012 - g
Super fruit forward, quinces, honey, pears, complex, nice balanced acid and tannins, a bit harsh tannins in the end, needs a bit more time, bit bitter finish, would work well with spice food,

19. Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Reserve 47 2011 - ok/g
Golden yellow hue, bit oaky, with MLF, very full-bodied, prominent alc on mid palate, made style, simple

20. Raats Chenin Blanc Old Vines Reserve 2011 - g
Bright yellow hue, very precise, mineral touch, lingering

21. Newton Johnson Pinot Noir Elgin 2011 - vg
Very good typical PN color, super typical Pinot style, raspberries and strawberries, bit stinky, hints of burnt rubber, too high alc, unbalanced, needs more structure, bit too lean for the alc,

22. Hamilton Russel PN 2011 - vg/del
Nice transparent hue, cherry fruit, more SA style, hints of minty ness, power on the palate, nicely structured, lingering, more international style,

23. Saronberg SZ 2011 - g
Pure purple hue, ways too young, bit MLF, hubba bubba style, very smooth tannins, high alc on midpalate, plums, overripe, Australia style,

24. Hartenberg SZ 2008 - vg
Nicely developed ruby red hue, nice expressive nose, ethereal, violets, hints of oak but nicely integrated, with more air upfront black olives, plums, spicey, complex,

25. Stellenrust Barrel Aged Pinotage 2009 - yech
Hints of Brett, gets more with air, bit better on the palate, harsh tannins, will get worse with more age,

26. Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve 2010 - ok
Bit stinky, burnt rubber, simple made style, strange combination of tannin and alc, maybe too high yield, lean finish

27. Thelema CS 2009 - vg
Pure SA Cab style, cassis, lingering, bit young, very nice style, more elegant in style, focused, will improve with more time,

28. Le Riche CS Reserve 2010 - ok
Overripe, new world style, too high alc, super unbalanced, very smooth, lacking cab structure on the palate, meaty, lacking acid backbone,

29. Camberley CF 2010 - ok/g
Cab style, tomato leaves, bit restrained, black fruit, olives, bit restrained, hints of acetone with more air, super high alc, powerful, unbalanced

30. Raats CF 2010 - vg/del
More fruit forward than 29, nice black olives paste, typical, quite elegant in style, complex, powerful, lingering, very nice, kind of refreshing,

31. Eagles Nest Shiraz 2010 - g
Upfront oak, toasty, very young, bit stinky, very smooth tannin structure, bit high alc, needs more time, will be very good in a few years time.

32. Hartenberg The Stork SZ 2008 - vg/del
Ethereal, upfront spices, definitely profiting from time, black olives, balanced, quite young though the age, potential, changes with air, stays, very good, perfect SA Shiraz style.

33. Constantia Glen Five 2008 - vg
BDX blend, quite fruit forward, black fruits, black cherries, intense, ripe style but focused, nice structure, quite high alc, drinking temp needs to be perfect, lingering, potential.

34. Jordan Cobblers Hill 2009 - g
CF, CS, ME, bit burnt, very smooth tannins, high alc, lingering,

35. Meerlust Rubicon 2008 - vg
CF, CS, ME, PV, alc detectable in the nose, hints of oxidative style, fresh on the palate, quite powerful, very tannic backbone, still young, needs time.