Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

Pannobile tasting

Last weekend, the high end wine producer association "Pannobile" hosted the release tasting of the "Pannobile 2006". I tasted the wines of the 9 members at the "Heuriger Schlossahaus" in Mönchhof.

All "Pannobile" wines are underlying strict production rules including the usage of autochthon varieties (Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Saint Laurent). 
The white Pannobiles are limited to Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Neuburger and Chardonnay. 

All wines are tasted blind by all members and they choose which batches are good enough for the "Pannobile".

Pannobile white:
1. Gsellmann (Pinot Blanc)
fresh fruity, very delicat toasting aromas on the nose and powerful on the palate. Very good.

2. Renner (Pinot Blanc)
Toasting aromas a bit prominent on the nose, more powerful as 1. but not as elegant.

Pannobile red:
3. Renner (Zweigelt/Blaufränkisch)
fruitforward, black cherries, juicy tannins with good structure, lenghty finish.

4. Nittnaus (ZW/BF)
very fruit forward nose, red cherries, smooth, bit shorter as 3., spicy, animating!

5. Preisinger (ZW/BF)
Cassis and cool aromas on the nose, tobacco, smooth but with good lenght ... after a few minutes with O2 ... fruit is gone, overripe aromas dominating.

6. Gsellmann (ZW/BF)
cooked nose, no fruit detectable, smooth but slightly alcoholic finish, dry tannin.

7. Beck (ZW/BF/Saint Laurent)
dominant SL aromas on the nose, bit cooked, oaky tannins on the palate.

8. Pittnauer (BF/ZW)
dark berry fruit, structured, fruity on the palate, bit alcoholic.

9. Leitner (ZW/BF)
fruit forward, cherries, bit Brett, palate bit bitter.

10. Heinrich (ZW/BF)
very fruit forward, cherries, very good structure with good implemented oak, very good.

11. Achs (ZW/SL/BF)
strange cabbage flavors, same on the palate, here is definitly something wrong! 

for more information: Pannobile | Gols | Burgenland

Dienstag, 2. September 2008

Connections ...

A global network of friends can make life much more easy and interesting.

I am proud to announce the linkage between the "Cellars-Hohenort" and "The Franz Schneider Wine Experience". 
Guests of the luxury five star Relais & Chateau Hotel in Cape Town can find the link to this blog directly at cellars hohenort - food and wine - the greenhouse. (Scroll down beside the pic... my link is at the bottom).

And to make it easier for my readers  ... here is the link back:

Thanks Miguel ... now I have to try to comment on Austrian wines more eloquent.

For more information on Austrian wines:

Riesling Loimer

This week I tasted an extraordinary Riesling. The "Riesling Terassen 2007" from Fred Loimer is exceptional well balanced and shows pungent peach and apricot aromas with underlying minerality on the nose. On the palate again the same flavors as in the nose but with a really good acid structure (makes the wine easy to recognise as Riesling!).
The most stunning thing was the minerality on the palate with an alcohol level of just 12.8%. 

TA: 7.5 g/l
RS: 4 g/l
Alc: 12.8 %vol.
Winery link:   Weingut Loimer

Kamp valley: (Kamp is the name o fthe river)