Dienstag, 2. September 2008

Riesling Loimer

This week I tasted an extraordinary Riesling. The "Riesling Terassen 2007" from Fred Loimer is exceptional well balanced and shows pungent peach and apricot aromas with underlying minerality on the nose. On the palate again the same flavors as in the nose but with a really good acid structure (makes the wine easy to recognise as Riesling!).
The most stunning thing was the minerality on the palate with an alcohol level of just 12.8%. 

TA: 7.5 g/l
RS: 4 g/l
Alc: 12.8 %vol.
Winery link:   Weingut Loimer

Kamp valley: (Kamp is the name o fthe river)


  1. Have tasted some of his wines... overall they are very nice; Furthermore his website is amazing good structure useful information and marketing material. Not many wineries in Austria have such a site
    Cheers B.

  2. that´s true. I like his website too.

    Have a look at http://www.thewineryofgoodhope.com/ and you´ll find one of the most accomplished sites.
    On the other hand ... I have tried to visit the winery and I was not able to find it!!! No signs, nothing, ...

    A good website is just a start. One needs to do the job completlely .. what is this called ... Corportate Identity!