Dienstag, 2. September 2008

Connections ...

A global network of friends can make life much more easy and interesting.

I am proud to announce the linkage between the "Cellars-Hohenort" and "The Franz Schneider Wine Experience". 
Guests of the luxury five star Relais & Chateau Hotel in Cape Town can find the link to this blog directly at cellars hohenort - food and wine - the greenhouse. (Scroll down beside the pic... my link is at the bottom).

And to make it easier for my readers  ... here is the link back:

Thanks Miguel ... now I have to try to comment on Austrian wines more eloquent.

For more information on Austrian wines:


  1. well excellent job! ; if possible you can link-up the site from the wine-marketing Austria www.winesfromaustria.com

    furthermore you force me to write more about wine and to restart my blog in English ---- well why not?

    Cheerio! B.

  2. Good idea! I have already linked Wines from Austria. (Das nennt man konsruktive Kritik!!)