Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Artisan Wines - Labels

Finally we got there. The Artisan Wines labels have left the graphic design studio. Actually I am very proud about this new labels as the designer managed to capture all important things.

The Artisan logo is a combination of traditional (the wine leaves) and modern style (font). Puristic by with style.
Most important is the "Step closer to nature - Zero CO2"-footprint. It states that all Artisan wines are carbon free produced. Our production is and will be constantly evaluated.
The footprint is created by a heart shaped leaf, the toes are represented by abstract grapes and a drop of wine creates the heel. This is the symbol of our cohesive relation to the enviromentally friendly way of producing the Artisan wines.

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Artisan Wines - Pruning

Wintertime is pruning time. Pruning is for Artisan Wines a major work during the course of the year. My father (named Franz too ;-)) is our CPO ... the Chief Pruning Officer! He´s got over 50 years experience with our vineyards ... means he´s able to see if something´s wright or wrong with a vine in about a split-second and his decision (which shoots to leave and which to cut back) is a crucial point for the quality for the wine as it´s the first step to decrease bunches and increase grape quality. I´m trying to learn as much as possible every year from my father but one can´t balance 50 years hands-on experience with a Master in viticulture!!

Find more pics @ Facebook | Artisan Wines

Cheers Franz

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

Artisan Wines interim screen online!

hey there,

Artisan Wines interim screen is available now !! ... @ artisan wines ... and I love it.

Please let me know what you think about the design.

Cheers Franz

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

Artisan Wines is born !!

Dear reader,

I am proud and excited to announce the visual birth of ARTISAN WINES !!

What does ARTISAN mean??
Artisan derives from the latin word "artire". It means "trained or agile in arts! We strongly believe that every winemaker on this world is a kind of artist just for the fact that he is able to turn grapes into wine.

What does this mean for our wines??
An artisanal production is a sustainable, regional!! (our grapes are not sourced from anywhere else) production of wines with great respect for our nature and the environment. Every vintage we try to produce outstanding wines from gorgeous grapes. As each year is different (at least in our region) each wine will be slightly different too.
We care about nature and that´s the reason why we care about our CO2 balance for every bottle in respect of the world wide climate change. Artisan Wines are CO2 free!!

What does this funny green footprint on the labels mean??
The artisanal production is subject of constant evaluation and adaption!!
As we have to produce wine to earn our daily living there is an economic component too ... for instance we can not abandon the use of a tractor or pumps but we can clear the amount of CO2-equivalents produced with donations in the same amount to nature projects in our region. Therefore we have developed the "Step closer to nature - Zero Carbon footprint" which is visible on all our products. ... more information can be found in about no time ;-) @ artisan wines

Who is the driving force behind "Artisan Wines"??
The driving force is ... surprise, surprise ... me ... Franz Schneider!!
Boku-trained Enologist with a Masters in Quality Viticulture and Marketing. I gathered some experience in Austria (at home and the wineries of my 2 sisters - and, Italy (at Azienda Agricola Luciano Sandrone -, in Germany (at research center Geisenheim) and in South Africa (Klein Constantia Estate - The best things of all these experiences are integrated in the production of the Artisan Wines.
Without the help of my family nothing would be possible. They are my pillar for everything!!

How many different wines and what kind of wines will be produced??
You will find all about our range @ ... hopefully soon ;-) but I can reveal that there will be 3 different ranges.
- Pure ... fruit forward, easy drinking, varietal wines
- Halbturn ... elegant companions for food or for the fans of wines with a touch of oak.
- The ARTISAN ... our flagship wine, a bold, full bodied red wine

When will the wines hit the shelves??
The expected release date will be around April ... I will keep you up to date!

How do I keep up to date with "Artisan Wines"??

Where will they be available??
That´s a good question !! As the brand was created recently, time will show how far we´re gonna reach out in the world ;-) One place is for sure ... the online shop @

I would like to have you asking all the question coming up with this new wines and especially the ones regarding the carbon footprint at ... or ring through @ +43 699 108 149 30.
There´s also a a big favor I would ask from you ... please spread the word of this new brand and feel my gratitude in eternity ;-)

Cheers Franz

P.S. ... release party is still to come !!! Invitations will be sent via all channels!

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010


Nice vid of Roger Burton at Tierhoek/South Africa !!!

Sylvester deligths

This New Years eve was quite filled with all sorts of very distinctive, regional and pure delights. My sister and brothers in law were our guests and we enjoyed an Irish evening with Whiskey Sours, raw milk cheese, Irish stew, wild smoked salmon and (of course) some Austrian wines.
Check at Facebook/Sylvester delights for some more pics.