Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Farewell Party

This Tuesday we had the Farewell Party for Fredrik and Tove. We visited our neighbours at Buitenverwachting where Edgar Osojnik, a guy from Carinthia, is the chef. He delighted us with a 5 course dinner. But just have a look at the pics and you will understand that the next day was a rather hard one to work, especially when one have to bottle whole day.

The food:

I forgot to take a pic from the vannila icecream, but I think everybody knows how it looks like!

The people:

Ah, yes we had some wines too :-) (try to count the glasses on the table!!)


  1. I love square plates!... and so many glasses.... :)

  2. I love the square plates too, but what I loved the most on this evening was the food on the plates ;-)