Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

Swiss-Austrian wine tasting

Day 1 at the Swiss-Austrian wine fair in Murten/ Switzerland.

A bunch of Austrian winemaker including Günter Triebaumer, Helmut Preisinger, Phillip Zull, Elisabeth Lentsch and some others are going to host a 2-day tasting (including a winemakers dinner) in the new stylish hotel „BB Wine house“ embedded between the old town centre and the lake shore. We are looking forward to meet some 10 Swiss winemakers and our guests to join us for this tasting at 4 pm.

Check back soon for todays tasting notes!!

In the mean time find some impressions from the medieval town Murten.

"our" hotel

lake shore vines

old town impression 1

old town impression 2


  1. Hi!
    Nice impressions, I really like the picture with the grass :).
    Love, U.

  2. Austria is becoming an increasingly important wine-producing country in central Europe with an annual production of about 30 million cases, 30% more than Germany. The wines themselves are fuller bodied than the Germans and generally drier. Like Germany, Austria produces primarily white wines, however their success with certain reds, particularly because of the warmer climate, is much greater than Germany's.