Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

Boku Heim midweek tasting

The first Boku Heim midweek tasting after the Easter holiday focused on Riesling from Austria. If you note the difference between wine 1 to 4 and wine 5, you will see that the vineyard soil (primary rock 1 to 4 and loess: 5) is quite easily detectable in Austrian wines. Normally I do prefer Riesling from rocky soils as they are more mineral driven and are showing interesting flavors like stone fruits (peaches, apricot). On the other hand GVs from loess are really good too.

Note: All wines were tasted blind.  

1. Riesling „Zöbing“ 2008 from Weingut Hannes Hirsch - good - about €9,50

bit CO2 visible, bright yellow hue, lemon/lime flavors, with more O2 stone fruit detectable, touch of loess, lean aroma, good sugar/acid balance, citrus fruits dominating on the palate, easy drinking, middle length.

2. Riesling „Klassik“ 2008 from Weingut Gschweicher - good - €7

pale yellow hue, explosive nose, hints of SB aroma due to strong aroma profile, lemon/lime and some cold fermentation flavors, lean body, good acid structure with lower RS level than 1, mineral finish, summer terrace wine.

3. Riesling Smaragd „Ried Kirnberg“ 2007 from Weingut Sigl - very good 

golden hue, hints of lemon, ripe peaches, quite evolved nose, petrol, middle body, good acid/RS balance with good pressure on midpalate, good length, gets better every minute with more O2, quite lingering.

4. Urgesteins Riesling „Reipersberg“ from Weingut Gschweicher- very good - €9,50

pale golden hue, typical stone fruit flavors with more apricot than peaches, good acid structure, lingering, good.

5. Riesling Steinfeder „Terrassen“ 2008 from Domäne Wachau - good

bright yellow hue, prominent loess flavors, totally different than all the others but not unpleasant, very balanced but far on the softer side, overall on the broader side, loess driven on the palate.

6. Blaufränkisch „Lüss“ 2006 from Weingut Lentsch - very good 

dark red hue, sour cherries and cherries, maybe a hint of MLF flavor, vanilla and spices, dark chocolate on the palate, good length, mouth filling, oak very good integrated, lingering. 

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