Freitag, 3. April 2009

Boku Heim tasting Midweek tasting

First day above 20 deg ... I love springtime!!! ... to celebrate this event in style we decided to start the BBQ for the first time this year accompanied by different beers and of course some wines. 

The more serious tasting was done before. Bernhard K. brought some special bottles for our midweek “Boku Heim tasting“ to celebrate his Bachelor degree. Congrats from my side!!

Tasting team for this time: Elmar, Bernhard K. and I.

Note: all wines and beers tasted blind!

1. Perwolff 2004 from Weingut Krutzler - very good

dark red hue with some purple reflections, fruity, dark cherries and blackberries, pro

minent tannin quite elegant and balanced, maybe a bit Cab, good acid structure, lingering, good length.

2. Blaufränkisch „Altenberg“ 2004 from Weingut Paul Achs - very good

darker red hue than 1, purple reflections, red berries, oak and blackberries on the nose, soft tannin with good structure, lingering.

Maybe the more interesting tasting was the beer tasting. In this tasting we tried to answer the most complex Austrian question. Austrians are normally very profound connoiseurs regarding their favourite drink ... BEER. We are drinking about 120 liters per capita ... we should know our brand at least we always say we do. The question was: Are we able to recognise our favourite beer in a blind tasting??? Find below the most interesting results. 

1. Gösser Märzen

helles gold, schaumkrone, leichtes co2, süffig leicht herb, am Gaumen leicht süss.

known: Bernhard

2. Egger leicht

helles gelb, schöne CO2 entwicklung, herber als 1, lingering.

known: Bernhard

3. Schwechater

goldgelb, Schaumkrone, wenig Co2, frisch, herb, süffig, 

known: Bernhard

4. Wieselburger

goldgelb, viel Co2, soft, hefig, nicht herb, leicht süss.

5. Trumer

goldgelb, kein CO2, weich, süffig, süsse spürbar.

known: Bernhard

6. Hirter Morchel

dunkles braun, schaumrand, rauchig, malzig, malz am gaumen, langer Abgang.

best: Bernhard.

7. Paracelsus Zwickl

Hefetrüb, Schaumrand, trübes gelb, hefige Nase, cremig, Co2 spürbar.

known: Bernhard

8. Zipfer Urtyp

helles gold, Co2 sichtbar, schaumrand, weich, süss, rinnt, extrem geschliffen.

the contestants:

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