Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Asparagus season ...

Asparagus season has started with full speed due to the high temperatures during the Easter holidays. Friends of my sister are the owners of an Asparagus farm in the Marchfeld region just east of Vienna. They are growing Asparagus on about 14 hectares and what makes them really special is the fact they have no stock. Each stem is picked by hand and sold directly afterwards. Another big advantage is that they are using crushed ice instead of ice water to shock the Asparagus. Means no water is absorbed and the Asparagus keeps it´s unbiased flavors.
If one doesn´t know how to cook Asparagus perfectly ... find some tips and tricks at  Spargel
We had our 3 different kinds of Asparagus (white, green, purple) just seared in olive oil with balsamic vinegar reduction ... easy, but delicious. 
The perfect wine match can be found in the "Spargelhaus" too. Isabella has some limited edition wines at hand.

Limited Edition "Asparagus" Pinot Blanc 2008 from Weingut Unger - good/very good 
nice fruitdriven nose with lemon/lime and underlying pear flavors, refreshing palate, nice acid structure, perfect match with the dish!


all different, all the same:

... and so healthy ;-)

the perfect match: Pinot Blanc

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