Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Boku Heim midweek tasting

This weeks midweek tasting showed a pretty nice line up of different wines and regions. From Pfalz in Germany, to Austria´s Kremstal, Kamptal, Weinviertel, Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Neusiedlersee and last but not least Mittelburgenland. The styles of the wines varied accordingly and overall the quality was quite impressive.

The usual tasting team suspects were joined by our class mate, friend and proficient taster Rüdiger.

Note: All wines were tasted open.

1. Grauburgunder 2008 from Weingut Müller-Kern - Pfalz - good - €6,20

rather neutral on the nose, but typical on the palate, refreshing, easy drinking stuff.

2. Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Weingut Müller-Kern - ok 

green elder leafs, quite high in SO2, bit RS, unripe green flavors, gets more unpleasant with air.

3. Sauvignon Blanc 08 from Weingut Bärenhof - Pfalz - good

ripe falvors, greengage plum and elder, bit botrytis rot, good acid structure, a bit short on the finish.

4. Riesling Spätlese „Dürkheimer Rittergarten“ 2008 from Weingut Bärenhof - ok/good

hints of honey, rather one dimensional nose, acid structure ok, improves with O2, quite easy on midpalate. 

5. Kremstal DAC 2007 from Weingut Stadt Krems - good/very good

honey and very ripe flavors, hints of petrol, minerally, rather evolved, acid structure ok, 

6. Riesling Spätlese „Hammbacher Schlossberg“ 2007 from Weingut Müller-Kern - yech

sulfur reduction pure, good acid structure but sulfur reduction flavors on the palate too.

7. Riesling Auslese 2007 trocken from Weingut Bärenhof - very good

stone fruit, peaches and apricot, very typical, dark berries, underlined with slate flavors, very good acid structure, multilayered, very good length.

8. Riesling 2006 „Die Leidenschaft“ from Weingut Martin Arndorfer - very good/delicious

apricot and peaches, typical Austrian Riesling, tobacco, minerally, multilayered nose, slate, oak perfectly integrated, creamy texture, very lingering.

9. Pinot Blanc „Ungsteiner Osterberg“ Spätlese 2007 from Weingut Bärenhof - yech

sulfur reduction, sauerkraut, same flavors on the palate,

10. Grüner Veltliner „Hundsberg“ 2007 from Weingut Pröll - very good

fruity, hints of honey and butterscotch, pepper, spices, creamy texture, tobacco, balanced acid structure, quite lingering.

11. Weinviertel DAC „Kellerberg“ 2007 from Weingut Gschweicher - very good 

withe pepper, still young, soft texture but spicy, quite lingering.

12. Syrah 2004 from Weingut Kirnbauer - ok/good

spicy, sticht etw in der Nase, quite ripe, broad flavors, oak dominated, rather evolved, bit acetone, 

13. Ursus Magnus 2005 from Weingut Bärenhof - very good

super dark color, light pipe tobacco, peppermint, eucalyptus, dried mushrooms, bell pepper, oak very well integrated, very good tannin and acid structure, lingering.

14. Heulichin 2006 from Weingut Wagentristl - very good

fruity, tobacco, minty, eucalyptus, soft tannin structure, distinctive, good length, oak power, still young, lingering, will massively improve with more time in bottle. 

15. Blaufränkisch Lüss 2007 from Weingut Lentsch - very good

dark color, spicy, ripe cherry, ripe plums, horse radish, good acid and tannin structure, juicy, 

16. Zweigelt „Excellence“  2003 from Weingut Veit - very good/delicious

cassis and cinnamon, black berries, juicy tannin, super lingering, ripe and very balanced, good extract, powered.

17. Vitikult 2006 from Weingut Kirnbauer - corc

extreme corc taint ... for training!!!

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