Samstag, 5. April 2008

Wines of our Stellenbosch tasting tour

Wines tasted Friday and Monday:

Tokara winery

Zondernaam Range
1. SB 07
easy drinking wine, light and simple. R45

2. Chenin Blanc 07
31 year old bush vines, unirrigated, 20% new oak, no clear aromas for me, didn't like it at all. R50

3. CH 07
9 month oak, oak verz prominent on the nose, but creamy palate. good. R45

4. CS 04
includes 10% Petit Verdot and 5 % CF, nearly Austrian CS Nose, green unripe flavors, light bodied, but 18 month in barrels, acid and tannin and not integrated at all. R62.

5. SY 04
French and American oak, overripe flavors, light bodied with no good structure. R62.

Tokara Range

6. Walker Bay SB 07
no intense nose , but good palate, light, R75.

7. Elgin SB 07
fresh green flav, asparagus and peas, intense acid structure and long finish. R75.

8.  Tokara White 06
20% new oak, oak prominet on the nose, but good toasting chosen, creamy on the palate with good structure. R125.

9. Tokara Red 03
soft, no structure, rather short. R150.

10. Potstill Brandy (Chenin Blanc)
very soft on the palate, fruity, very good. R300 but only 3200 bottles produced and sold out.

for internship: write mail to Miles@tokara in September.


all wines are very good, especially the SB Sutherland 07 and of course the CS "The Mint".

for internship: wirte mail to Thelema in May.


I had completly wrong expectations of Mulderbosch because I drank their wines in Vienna as Wein&Co is selling them and I really thought of a big big winery. But Mulderbosch is rather small, but their SB 07 is really good.


1. SB 07
slightly reductive. R75

2. CH 06 
too much wood on the nose and on the palate. R82

3. Mill Race 05
nearly Austrian CS nose, light bodied, acid and tannin very prominent. R60.

4. SY 05
spicy nose and good structure, best wine for me. R172.

5. CS 05
24 month in barrels, very hard tannins, R154.

6. Vergelegen Red 03
matured, 26 month in barrels, not R298 worth.

Ernie Els winery

1. Cirrus 05 (Shiraz 93,5% and Viognier 6,5%)
spicy nose but too sweet on the palate, (acid 6,4 with RS 4,5g!!)

2. Ernie Els 04
better structured, but R525!!! per bottle

Bilton wines

1. Bilton white 07
soapy nose, strange. (SB, CB, SE)

2. Merlot 04
light Brett. R85

3. CS 04
cooked flav, VA very high. R85.

4. SY 04
choco and oak on the nose, very soft tannin. R85. best wine for me.

5. Sir Percy 04
alcohol and VA very strong. R125.

Rust en Vrede

1. ME 06
bit meaty, soft tannin.

2. CS 04
good structure, bit high alc, long finish.

3. SY 04
oak flav on the nose but also spices, cool minty and eucalypt flav on the palate mixed with vanilla notes. very good.

4. Estate 04
bit meaty, but juicy tannins, oak on the palate, structured.

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