Sonntag, 13. April 2008

SB tasting

This week I had a really exciting experience. On Tuesday all winemakers from the Constantia wine region came to us and everybody brougth samples from this years SB vintage. We tasted all wines together and every winemaker explained how the wine was made. How the grapes and the juice was treated. 
It was amazing to witness how open everybody speaks about the problems in the vineyards with rot, which finings they used and what they think about the overall quality of the vintage.

It would also be good for the Austrian winemakers of each village to come together after the harvest and speak really open about how everythings works because just when one is open to others the quality of his wines will improve by te new inputs. Maybe that is a good reason to go abroad and learn how other countries make teir wine. For my part I learned a lot here and I am curios to hear frm Flo, Martin, Andi and the both Bernhards how the wines are made in NZ.

This week arrived Emmanuel from France. He will also stay for 6 month but the big difference is that he will write his Master Thesis here. We will see what he has to do exactly after this week when he has met his Professor at Stellenbosch University.

We got the last 18 tons of Muscat this week and I am so glad that the harvest is over. All fermetation tanks are full and we will press some reds this week. But the biggest part is done and it should work out nicely. We will taste all SB tanks tomorrow to know which tanks can go together in the blend and I will also have to take samples of all barrels again this week. Lot of wines are waiting to be tasted ;-)

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