Samstag, 26. April 2008

Riesling tasting

Thursday we attended a Riesling tasting at Old Mutual House in Bishops Court. The South African Riesling society ( invited Gunther Brözel, a legendary winemaker and the godfather of German style Riesling in South Africa guided us through the evening with his enormous knowlegde about German and South African Rieslings and afterwards some "Snacks" waited for us.

tasting notes (of course all Rieslings):

1. 2007 Buitenverwachting (10% alc., TA 7,5; RS 8,0)
fruity on the nose, nice acid structure, good finish

2. 2007 Hartenberg Wine Estate (13%; TA 5,9; pH 3,01; RS 7,9)
slight petrol flavors, good acid, not as balanced as 1, not clear aromas on the nose 

3. 2007 De Wetshof (13,6%; TA 7,3; pH 3,09; RS 4,8)
Löss flavors on the nose (hotter region, different soil) good acid structure, but rather short and lean

4. 2005 Paul Cluver Wines (11,5%; TA 7,9; pH 2,84; RS 9,0)
clear intense stone fruits on the nose, very good acid structure, extremly fresh and well balanced, lingering, very good

5. 2007 Ross Gouwer (11,0%; TA 6,3; RS 6,2)
slightly reductive, maybe slight cork taint as well, too sweet, not balanced, short.

6. 2006 SA Prüm QBA (11,5%; TA 7,3; RS 10,1) "Liter" bottle!!
for me clearly identifiable as German Riesling, classic, good acid, good length

7. 2003 Scharzhofberger Cabinet Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt (9,0%; TA 6,1; RS 49,6)
good matured, slight petrol tone, sweet, but very good structured.

8. 1987 Nederburg Special Late Harvest (13,6%; TA 6,8; pH 3,2; Rs 45,6)
alcoholic, brownish colour, on the palate alcoholic too, but drinkable and good for this age

9. 1997 Hochheimer Domdechaney Auslese (7,78%; TA 8,6; RS 96)
lovely fruit, fine aromas, elegant, lingering on the palate, good structured, very good

10. Paul Cluver Noble Late Harvest (12%; TA 7,7; pH 3,4; RS 125,4)
intense fruit and honey aroma, very good acid structure, long finish, very good.

The snacks after the tasting:
Ostrich Carpaccio, Spinach/Salmon rolls, coriander chicken with rice, fruit tarts and brownies

Served with the food:
Dr. Loosen Riesling Auslese 2003, Klein Constantia Rielsling 2007, and the leftovers from the tasting.

This was definitely one of the best tastings I attended here in South Africa so long. I met a friend of Adam and he is the chairman of a exclusive tasting group. Glady, I was invited for the next tasting but I have to organize an Austrian tasting for them. If that´s the only problem ...

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