Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Sparkling wine and Red high end wines

The trail of the "Konsument" magazine of discount sparkling wines was the kick off to taste some cheap sparkling wines myself. 

1. Mailberger Gutssekt - ok - €3,49
pears on the nose, rather short, quite low in acid.

2. Törley Muscateller Minösegi pezsgö - ok - N/A
coarse mousseux, big bubbles, fading very quickly, no pungent Muscat flavors, white bread, nutty, rather short.

The birthday of my brother and my mother was the reason for another family party. (Actually my family doesn´t need a reason to party!) We opened some high end red Austrian wines. 

3. Remanenz 03 from Weingut Lentsch - very good - €16
very ripe, dark berries, earthy, dark chocolate, blackberries, smooth tannin structure, bold, spicy, nicely integrated oak, good length. 
4. Capello 03 from Weingut - very good - €11
ripe, more fruity than 1, eucalyptus, cloves, spicy, blackberries, slight green edge, little bit bitter, lots of oak toasting, still young, quite hard tannins, balanced.

5. Pannobile 01 from Weingut Hans Nittnaus - yech - about €22
loads of Brett on the nose, plasticine, bit volatile, rather thin and prominent tannins, the Brettanomyces yeast has destroyed the body, very quickly oxidative, low sulfur!

6. Pannobile 00 from Weingut Paul Achs - good/very good - about €22
fruity on the nose, cassis, bit overripe, tannins smooth but high acid, slightly volatile, some Brett too, is on the nose better than on the palate, quite low sulfur!

Tasting crew: Bernhard G., Bernhard K., Ulli S. and I.

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