Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

Syrah based wines

Just around the corner of Ullis apartment is the small but charming French Vinotheque "La Cave". Every month interested wine lovers get the chance to sample some interesting wines from the "motherland" of wine. This months tasting was particularly important to us as one of our favorite varieties Syrah was on show. Best made examples can be found in the Rhone valley which are "always" showing a gorgeous bouquet with fruits and spices. But as everywhere doom and glory are very close neighbors.

1. Chateau de Gourgazaud 2006 (SY/Mourvèdre)- ok/good - €6,00 - Minervois
red with purple reflections, fruit, hints of spices, sour cherries, tannins poorly integrated, not very balanced on the palate, bitter finish.

2. Jean Michel Gerin 2006 (SY) - good - €11,50 - Vin de Pays
purple rim, plums, bit overripe flavors, slightly meaty, fruit in rum, good acid structure, easy drinking style.  

3. Domaine Fondreche "Nadal" 2005 (SY/Grenache) - good - €12,50 - Cotes de Ventoux
ripe, quite typical flavor compounds, bit overripe, hints of acetone, smooth, slightly alcoholic finish. 

4. Chateau Le Roc "Don Quichotte" 2004 (SY/Negrette) - yech - €12,50 - Cotes de Frontonnaus
moldy, rubber, microbiological unstable, maybe accidental fermentation in bottle.

5. Domaine de l´Aiguelière 2000 - yech - €12,50 - Montpeyroux
cloudy, oxidative, rubber hose, loads sediment.

6. Domaine des Entrefaux 2001 - still ok - €15,00 - Crozes Hermitage
sediment, pale brick red hue, very fragile aromas, balanced but definitely over the peak. 

7. Domaine de Courbissac "Pandora" 2003 - very good - €15,00 - Minervois la Liviniere
cloudy, fruity, meaty, hints of violets, soft tannin, good acid structure, lingering.

rank "2": Domaine Courbissac "Pandora" 

8. Chateau de la Négly "La Falaise" 2006 (Sy/Grenache) - ok - €16,50 - La Clape
very young, bit MLF touch, purple reflections, good acid structure, slightly alcoholic, bitter finish.

9. Dom. St. Antonin "Magnoux" 2005 (SY) - ok/good - €16,50 - Faugeres
still purple reflections, plums, bit overripe, simple, smooth tannins, middle length.

10. Chateau Lavabre 2000 (SY) - very good/delicious - €19,00
some tartrate crystals visible, loads of spices and herbs, pine wood, hints of toasted oak but very pleasant, very good acid structure and well integrated tannins.

rank "1": Chateau Lavabre 2000

11. Alain Graillot 2006 (SY) - good/very good- €19,00 - Crozes Hermitage
young, some MLF notes, hints of essentials oils, acid and tannin very good balanced, just ways too young.

12. Domaine Cazeneuve "Roc des Mates" 2006 (SY/Mourv/Grenache) - good/very good- €21,00 - Pic St. Loup
young, purple, sour cherries, some spices, smooth tannins, lingering.

13. Domaine de l´Aiguelière "Cotes Dorée" 2005 (SY/Grenache) - still ok - €21,00 - Montpeyroux
rubber, plasticine with some spices, hints of Brett, tannin prominent.

14. Jean-Michel Gerin 2006 (SY/Viognier) - yech - €35,00 - Cotes Rotie
Brett, thin, prominent tannins due to Brett infection, Brett flavors on the palate.

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  1. Klingt nach einer spannenden Verkostung. Von einigen Weinen habt ihr sicher mehr erwartet, die Weingüter sind ja doch recht bekannt und von der Fachpresse teils hoch gelobt.
    Bei uns stehen heut Abend auch ein paar Franzosen am Programm, dann gibt es auch wieder Neues im Blog zu berichten.