Mittwoch, 6. August 2008

Bye, Bye Cape Town

Today is our last day here in Cape Town. 
I had a really great time here and I will take many experiences (pics as well!!), thoughts and new ideas back home.

We had a nice long! holiday the last 3 weeks but I am glad to go home after 6 months, too.

Last Friday we hosted our farewell party in the cellar and I would like to post pics of some new good friends who (hopefully) enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

This blog will change its focus again with the end of my stay in South Africa. It will focus again more on wine tastings  because I neglected this part here totally. Not because I didn´t taste .. just because it is quite a lot of work to keep a blog up to date. 
And by the way ... it really sucks when one is writing in the unendingly spaces of the web .. with no replies! 

Ulli and Franz

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