Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Red wines from Spain ...

A recent tasting of red wines from spain showed us clearly that branding doesn´t really help if one tasted blind! Variety or even the country of origin can be insurmountable obstacles. On the other hand ... if one has to taste red wine without any hint, the wine could be from anywhere in the world and the line up of the wines had great influence too.
Our conclusion was that new technologies in the vineyards and the cellar are definitely improving the quality of wine, but they are also masking the origin (even more so if the winemaker has a modern style of winemaking). Anyway the wines were great and again we had to acknowledge the most memorable saying from our sensory classes: "I would have never thought that!!"

1. Tempranillo 2007, Vino de la tierra de Castilla from Ercavio - good - €9,99 (Wein&Co)
middle deep hue with purple rim, fresh and fruitforward on the nose, spicy, black pepper and a bit of dried fruit, soft tannins and a fruitdriven palate, bit short.

2. DO Bierzo (Mencia) 2007 from Pétalos - good/very good - €19,99 (Wein&Co)
deep ruby red, still purple, oaky touch (american oak??), vanilla and dark berries, integrated tannins, good length, pleasantly bitter finish.

3. Rioja Reserva 2004 from Conde de Valdemar - good/very good - €14,99 (Wein&Co)
purple core with slightly orange rim, spicy peppery fruit with hints of berries, bit dried fruits too, bit acetone, prominent tannin and acid structure, good length, rather lean, with more air a leathery touch appears.

4. Clos Mogador 2006 (Garnacha, Carinena) DO Priorat - very good - €79 (Wein&Co)
very youthful color, very dense hue, purple, fruitforward, meaty hints, very soft tannin but structured, velvety, good balanced, berry jam, licorice, extract sweet.

5. Uno DO Valencia 2006 (Monastrell) from Rafael Cambra - very good - €19,99 (Wein&Co)
dark hue, purple- youthful, slight watery edge, very fruitforward, eucalypt, dark berries, pleasant "green" touch, good tannin structure, very good length, ripe juicy tannins, New World style.

6. Tempranillo Reserva de la familia 2007 vino de la tierra de Castilla from Finca Munoz - very good - €5,99 (Rewe)
dark hue, purple core, slight orange rim, beery jam, somewhat dusty, very fruitforward on the palate, ethereal .. high alc., good tannin structure.

7. Tempranillo Cepas Viejas 2007 vino de la tierra from Finca Munoz - very good - €13,99 (Rewe)
dark brick red, fruity-dusty, cherries, bit acetone, prominent tannin structure, bit alcoholic, very good length.

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