Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Pannobile 2009

As I was rather busy with my last exams at University I was quite lazy with my posts. Anyway, please find here my tasting notes from the annual Pannobile presentation in Vienna. Unfortunately I reveived the invitation about 2 hours before the tasting started and therefore I don´t had the chance to taste all wines.

Winery Judith Beck
1. Zweigelt 2008 - ok/good
young, bit MLF flavors, soft tannin structure, rather simple.

2. St. Laurent Schafleiten 2007 - very good
fruity and spicy, still young, straightforward wine maybe a bit rustic, soft tannin structure, nice oak used.

3. Pannobile Rot 2007 - good
red berries, maybe a touch of Brett (future will show!)

4. Judith 2007 - very good
Anisseed, cool aromatics, bit mushroom and underwood, good tannin structure, balanced and polished.

Winery Gernot Heinrich
5. St. Laurent 2007 - very good
sour cherry, underwood, pleasantly bitter, soft tannin structure, lingering.

6. Pinot Noir 2007 - very good
color and fruit very typical, soft tannin structure, balanced, lingering.

7. Pannobile Rot 2007 - very good/delicious
still young, purple hue, spicy, very good acid and tannin structure, lingering.

8. Blaufränkisch Alter Berg 2007 - very good
cherries and sour cherries, very spicy, still youthful, prominent acid structure, good varietal typicity.

Winery Hans Nittnaus
9. Blaufränkisch Kalk & Schiefer 2007 - good
peat bog, underwood, good acid and tannin structure, distinctive.

10. Heideboden Rot 2007 - good
cherries, soft tannin but alc on the midpalate.

11. Pannobile Rot 2007 - very good
Anissseed, very well integrated oak, good acid and tannin structure.

12. Leithaberg Rot 2007 - very good/delicious
spicy and minerally, very good tannin structure, lingering.

13. Comondor 2006 - good/very good
meaty, spicy and underwood, peat bog, good tannin structure.

 Winery Claus Preisinger
14. Pinot Noir 2007 - good
typical Pinot fruit, very soft tannin, alc on the finish.

15. Pannobile Rot 2007 - very good
fruity, still young, very soft tannin but well structured, lingering.

16. Paradigma - very good
very spicy, distinctive and idiosyncratic, cool aroma profile, very stuctured, lingering.

Winery Helmut Renner
17. St. Laurent Alter Weingarten 2007 - good
fruity, sour cherries, soft tanin structure, bit alcoholic finish.

18. Pannobile Rot 2007 - very good
still young, purple color, spicy, very soft tannin, balanced, lingering.

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