Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2009

The hot "SALON 2009"

Yesterday I attended the annual presentation of the "SALON Österreich Wein" wines hosted by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board in the Grand Casino Baden.

It was hot !!! and that means really hot ... lots of interested people, no AC and about 30 degrees outside temp are definitely not the best conditions for a wine tasting.
A proper judgement of a wine was not possible as one was pushed around by thirsty crowds ... little girlies (I suppose young sommeliers from a school) were totally stressed and overstrained with pouring wines to some 400 people and to make it worse ... just every third of them was in possession of a corksrew ... people were really angry and so was I. I left just after 1 hour!!

resume: more corkscrews to the world ;-) ... and ways more effort with the organisation, because the 260 best wines of Austria and their makers really deserve a better presentation!!

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