Samstag, 14. Juni 2008


This week I have worked with Therese. She is in charge of all exports (Klein Constantia Estate exports about 60% of the annunal production all over the world). 
I have learned to issue invoices, Export Certificates, Certificates of origin, Transfer forms, ...
Glady, I took "Aussenhandel" (Prof. Ambichl) at the BOKU. I was not completely lost with INCO terms as FOB, CIF, ..
We had to load two 40ft containers for Denmark and two 20ft containers what was rather difficult as the container were skew and the floor was really worn. It took 4 men (including me) to push and tow and squeeze the pallets in.

Next week I am supposed to work with Linton from the Accouning Dep. That´s going to be fun as I am "completely" plain about accounting. But it will be a short week as Monday is a public holiday. Yeeehhaaaa!! 

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