Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Annual wine tasting in Halbturn

Like every year some winemakers and wine lovers gathered in the local pub in January to taste the wines of the new vintage. Under the guidance of Viticultural consultant of our regional government we blind tasted some 46 wines of the vintage 2011 all of them from exclusively from Halbturn.
Overall the quality of the wines was quite impressive. The rumors going round in the wine scene of a really stellar vintage seems to be true. Especially the reds and among them the Zweigelt flight was really good. Nice fruit expression and enough balance between tannins and acid structure.

My tasting notes are already published in the "wine of the month" page.
Note: the first rating is mine and the number rating is the rating from the viticultural consultant. Many wines were cask samples and definitely in their infancy. Some of them will rest another 2 years in their barrels and change profoundly during this maturation period. As always tasting notes are just an impression of the current state of the wine and do not necessarily reflect the wine true style.

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