Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Artisan Wines News in July

Flowering and Summertime

Flowering and Fruit set

This years flowering of our vines happened rather early at the end of May. Not really surprising though. Just think about the warm spring temperatures. I am quite pleased with the fruit set, especially with our Welschriesling vineyards. The Saint Laurent vines are still suffering a bit from last years cold weather conditions during bloom. 
This year we've started an internal trial for our Zweigelt vines. All clusters were cut in half right after bloom. On the one hand this action causes looser grapes and on the other hand we've brought down the yield early to reduce the stress, caused by drought, of our vines. Thinning of the Merlot grapes is done the "traditional" way and one will find a clip of this work at Artisan Wines and Artisan Wines on Youtube.

Summer loves RoséAbsolutely perfect with hot summer nights goes a glass of ice-cold Pure Rosé. In a self-experiment we've tested some versions - pure, Aperol-Spritz, "normal" Spritzer, iced strawberry punch. My personal favorite was "normal" Pure Rosé Spritzer as it was the most refreshing version :-)
Please let us know how you like our wines best at Artisan Wines on Facebook or as Wine comment.

New partners
We are happy to announce two new distributors and one Marketing partner for Artisan Wines as of June 2011.

Wein&Co Handelsges.m.b.H.19x in Österreich
SCS, Autoallee 7, Top 25
2334 Vösendorf-Süd

Der Wein Push
Fritz-Arnold-Strasse 16
78467 Konstanz

Burgenland Tourismus
Johann Permayer-Strasse 13
A-7000 Eisenstadt

Please find our detailed Partner list here

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