Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Back to Mother City

Today's the day!! Our this year winter/summer holiday is really on the doorstep now. The bags are packed and I can't wait to drive to the airport. BA will bring us via London Heathrow to Cape Town in about 11 hours time.
From Halbturns minus 1 degree to Stellenboschs forecasted 32 tomorrow and 34 on Tuesday ... oh my gosh I love summer ... especially in winter ;-)

Plans for this holiday include Cape Town with it's innummerable restaurants, table mountain, Cape Point, Jo's bakery (just for the gorgeous coffee), sipping a nice SB realxing at the pool (we try to find the best poolside wine of the vintage) and (of course) "some" wineries.

I do not know if we have a fast enough internet connection to upload some pics but we will definitely visit the former "The Nose" now "Chenin" in the Cape Quarter to chat via Skype and upload a new blog post. Stay tuned!!

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