Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Recent tastings ..

I had some stunning wines in our last monthly tastings which I would like to share with you. Some were wines one can find in any better wine shop, others were really rare single bottles.
Wines were tasted blind ...

Saint Laurent tasting - May 25th 2010

1. Schneider Sankt Laurent Reserve 2007 - delicious - €18

deep crimson red with purple reflections, fruitforward, berry flavors, rather young, bit oaky, hints of vanilla and spices, nice acid and tannin structure, lingering, very nice wine in it´s youth, will last, potential.

2. Hillinger Sankt Laurent 2006 - good/very good - €19,99

bit more translucent as 1, quite young color, purple, stinks a little bit, total red berry fruit upfront on the nose, pure sour cherry with more air, foreign may Spain or Italy, nice and round on the palate, bit shorter than 1, but with Trinkfluss.

3. Gernot Heinrich Sankt Laurent 2007 - very good - €17,99

rather young in color, purple reflections, ruby red, slight watery rim, cherry flavors upfront, mild and round tannin structure, nice and easydrinking stuff.

4. Artisan Wines Halbturn Red 2008 - very good/delicous - €19

very good color depth, purple reflections, anisseed, cocolate and mocca flavors, berry flavors, silky texture, rather young, very good balance in tannin and acid, leathery spices adding complexity, lingering.

5. Paul Achs Sankt Laurent 2008 - good - €15,41

quite transparent color, stinks, opens up with more air, purple, fruity, cherry flavors, rather lighter easy drinking style, good Trinkfluss, would be a nice pool side wine, if wine is a bit chilled.

6. Pöckl Sankt Laurent Classique 2007 - very good - €16,50

deep ruby red, good color depth, bit restrained, will need some time, still young, cherry flavors and good acid structure, rather lean but elegant, bit herbaceous, slight hints of rosemary.

7. Zantho Sankt Laurent 2008 - good/very good - €8,99

good ruby red color, purple rim but orange reflections, bit restrained, bit sharp on the nose, sweet cherry nose, good acid structure, lingering, with good fruit flavors on the palate.

8. Grassl Sankt Laurent Reserve 2007 - very good - €23,75

dark red hue, purple reflections, bit overripe flavors upfront, dried fruits, lingering, good balance in acid and tannin structure, roasted oak with more air but very pleasant.

9. Umathum Sankt Laurent vom Stein 2006 - very good/delicious - €44,99

ruby red color, bit dusty, needs more air, seems to be foreign, animalisitc, good acid structure, lingering, elegant.

Ulli´s birthday wines were just French (by chance;-)

Michel Arnould Grand Cru Brut - very good/delicious

golden yellow hue with red reflections, very consistent collier and fine mousseux, brioche and bready notes upfront, some subtle grapefruit undertones, flinty, very good length, (100% Pinot Noir).

Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 2007 - extraordinary

middle yellow hue with some green reflections, white blossoms, oak still prominent, no exotic flavors at all, super length, so very young, will last, opens up with more O2, complex multilayered white blossom flavors on the palate, extremely lingering.

Our birthday dinner (with 5 different raw milk cheeses):

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