Sonntag, 14. März 2010

Exiting things ...

Beside my job at Wein&Co - Shop Luegerring things with Artisan Wines are gathering momentum too.

The white wines (Pure Welschriesling and Aritsan Halbturn White) were bottled last week. The red wines (Pure Zweigelt and Artisan Halbturn Red) are going to be bottled this week. "The Artisan", the flagship wine, is maturing in new French barriques for another 10 months.

But not everything is sunshine and roses. The printing company keeps me waiting for the labels since 4 weeks now. Personally I think they are not interested in such a small production as it is a lot of work and doesn´t bring a lot of bucks. On the other hand ... what is more important than customer service in times like this! One thing is for sure ... this fall I will definitely order my labels somewhere else.

Much easier is the work with the programmer. He is busy with the last steps of the new Artisan wines webpage. Some interesting features: videos of our work during the year, post your own tasting note of any Artisan Wine, Online-Shop, monthly Newsletter, interactive communication via Twitter and Facebook ... and starting with April 2010:
The Artisan Wines "Wine.Talks"!!!

The Wine.Talks will take place in Halbturn. You are going to experience exiting wines in a relaxed but entertaining atmosphere. Stay tuned for the latest news at

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